A real Gefilte fish recipe from the owner of Omnivore gastrobar in Haifa Olga Goral

Welcoming the coming 5779 following delicious Ashkenazi traditions with stuffed fish at the head of the New Year table. Remembering our barefooted childhood, grannies and grandpas and create gefilte fish in our own kitchen. Ingredients: Carp (filet, head and spine) — 1 kg Pike perch or similar sea fish  — …

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The juice and essence of pomegranate. The pomegranate increases the level of testosterone and treats cancer.

The beginning of the year is equal to the season of pomegranates.  There are  ridges of ruby-red balls in the markets. They are used as decorations and they are presented to friends. «Rivers» of pomegranate juice flow throughout the winter. This fruit symbolizes the East and the Jewish people. 613 …

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Avocado, Instagram and a Jew from Amsterdam

  A restaurant network The Avocado Show in Amsterdam is so incredibly popular that critics have called it a cultural phenomenon and a sign of the times. Apparently in order to conquer the capital of Holland you need practically nothing — a small place, a simple concept and an account …

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