A treasure of gold coins found in Caesarea

A bronze pot with 24 rare golden coins, which are about 900 years old, and a golden earring were discovered on the eve of Hanukkah in Caesarea National Park. Abandoned treasure This find is evidence of one of the saddest pages in the history of Caesarea — the cruel conquest …

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Cyber revolution in Israel

The Israel Innovation Authority, the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the National Cyber Directorate launch a dedicated program to strengthen Israel’s cyber industry at a scope of NIS 90 million over the next three years August 14th, 2018, Jerusalem. Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen: “The joint program …

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Rare Golden Earring — more than 2,000 years old — discovered in the City of David

A Hellenistic-era golden earring, featuring ornamentation of a horned animal, was discovered in the Givati Parking Lot in the City of David National Park encircling the Old City walls. The discovery was made during archeological digs carried out by the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University.  “Whoever wore it belonged …

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