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Will troops be sent to Gaza?

In the cities and villages at the border of Gaza the horn has been heard non-stop for the third day in a row. This is how the map looked like in the evening of November 11th at 5.28 pm. In red colour are the villages under rocket attack… The militants …

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Евреев стало больше на 100 тысяч

В преддверии Рош ха-Шана Еврейское агентство Сохнут опубликовало результаты исследования известного демографа, профессора Иерусалимского университета Серджио де ла Пергула о количестве евреев в Израиле, в диаспоре и во всем мире. В исследование вошли данные не только о галахических евреях, но и о тех, кто считает себя евреем и не придерживается …

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Рецепт настоящей Гефельте фиш от хозяйки гастробара Omnivore в Хайфе Ольги Гораль

Встречаем наступающий 5779, следуя вкусным ашкеназским традициям, когда во главе новогоднего стола – фаршированная рыба. Вспоминаем босоногое детство, бабушек, дедушек и творим гифельте фиш на собственной кухне. Продукты: Карп(филе, голова и хребет) – 1 кг Судак или похожая морская рыба  – 500 гр Морковь – 1 кг (500/500) Лук репка …

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Rare Golden Earring – more than 2,000 years old – discovered in the City of David

A Hellenistic-era golden earring, featuring ornamentation of a horned animal, was discovered in the Givati Parking Lot in the City of David National Park encircling the Old City walls. The discovery was made during archeological digs carried out by the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University.  “Whoever wore it belonged …

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A city with a view of the sea and clouds

Haifa is like a huge wedding cake, its top is decorated with Bahai Gardens made of marshmallow and soufflet. You may step by step go down or climb up this endless ladder, and there will always be the sea behind, and the clouds above you. Sky blue is only five …

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Haifa: victims against violence

Haifa was the first city in Israel where in 1977 an asylum for women who had suffered from domestic violence appeared. Since those days thousands of women beaten and raped by men could find help and real support there. This very experience is now used by participants of municipal Forum …

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Jews and pirates! All aboard!

The Maritime Museum sent us the schedule of tours in Russian. Haifa museums have launched a new cycle of tours in Russian language in the National Maritime Museum. More tours in a new cycle and more topics for discussion, a new topic every month. 25th November, 2017, Saturday, 11:00 – …

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Angel on the roof or six mortal sins of Elena Rozina

Haifa Magazine launches «Friends gallery». **** It’s a virtual collection of works of our friends and artists that we know, sculptures, architects – everybody who creates magnificent works of art with their gift, fantasy and inspiration. Not only every each of them has this celestial sparkle inside, they are also …

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