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Red flags over Haifa or political magic session

October 30, key day of the mayors and local councils candidates election political show is coming.   «One Thousand and One Nights» till the elections in Haifa The closer the final, the more globally must be the candidates’ promises, and the more radical the threat to voters according to show …

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«Pussy Power» in Haifa or «Russian trace» in the Israeli elections

Municipal elections during which the Israelis will vote for the cities mayors and local councils deputies will be held in Israel on October 30, 2018. This time it was decided to announce the official Israeli day off unlike the previous elections held on a regular working day. It is assumed this …

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Elections in Haifa. «Glass ceiling» and WC

Local councils and mayors elections of Israel’s cities will be held on October 30. Candidates are becoming increasingly active while trying to increase the turnout percentage and attract as many supporters as possible. Who will take place in the «garden city» The mayor position, especially in the major cities of …

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