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Vladislava Mironenko

Observer of the branch of Science and Medicine. Student of the Odessa National Mechnikov University. I'm fond of journalism and studying foreign languages. Sphere of interests: painting, literature, music, bass guitar.

By taxi without a driver

Venture company Maniv Mobility, specializing in the growth of Israeli start-ups in the field of automotive technology, is developing $ 80 million for the development of self-propelled vehicles in Israel. To the future on Susita Cars without drivers is a fantastic future, about which the inventors of the first car …

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The unit of measurement of feelings. Israeli scientists have learned to read minds according to the handwriting.

Are you stressed and depressed? Are you happy and emotions overwhelm you? Write any words on paper. We will find out what happens to you when we see HOW, not WHAT, you have written. Scientists at the University of Haifa learned to identify the inner state of a person by …

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The juice and essence of pomegranate. The pomegranate increases the level of testosterone and treats cancer.

The beginning of the year is equal to the season of pomegranates.  There are  ridges of ruby-red balls in the markets. They are used as decorations and they are presented to friends. “Rivers” of pomegranate juice flow throughout the winter. This fruit symbolizes the East and the Jewish people. 613 …

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Сок и суть граната. Гранат поднимает тестостерон и лечит рак

(На фото работа художницы, врача психиатра Ирины Никифоровой) Сезон гранатов – начало года. На рынках горы рубиново-красных шаров. Ими украшают дом, их дарят друзьям. «Реки» гранатового сока льются всю зиму. Этот фрукт символ Востока и символ еврейского народа. 613 зерен по количеству 613 заповедей, как символ бесконечного стремления к Творцу и …

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