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  • Marina Andreeva

    My name is Marina. I am a linguist, intercultural communication specialist, teacher and translator of English and Chinese languages. I also speak French, a little bit German and am actively studying Hebrew now. I graduated from Department of foreign languages of Moscow State University, studied in Tianjin University in China and took an online course in the University of California, Irvine. I am attracted to everything related to studying cultures, traditions and local way of life. I translate, write and teach a lot and eagerly share my knowledge and experience with my students and readers. I came to Israel for the first time in 2008 with «Taglit» program. I remember how astonished I was with the love and awe with which people talked about their country, how much they know about their history and appreciate everything they have. I find this trait of Israeli national character really amazing and exemplary!
  • Shany Mil-Man

    Shany Mil-Man. I've been living for a long time and interesting. I believe that Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of the world. And being a Jew is difficult and very responsible, although pleasant. I believe everyone - it's better to make a mistake at 1% than skip 99%. Recently, I reflect - 5 dogs are enough or there is no limit to the beautiful ... The main sins of human beings are lies and dullness (although it is obtained by a person at birth). I avoid toxic people and places.
  • Vladislava Mironenko

    Observer of the branch of Science and Medicine. Student of the Odessa National Mechnikov University. I'm fond of journalism and studying foreign languages. Sphere of interests: painting, literature, music, bass guitar.