Thursday , September 23 2021

Classic Layout

Jews and pirates! All aboard!

The Maritime Museum sent us the schedule of tours in Russian. Haifa museums have launched a new cycle of tours in Russian language in the National Maritime Museum. More tours in a new cycle and more topics for discussion, a new topic every month. 25th November, 2017, Saturday, 11:00 – …

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Angel on the roof or six mortal sins of Elena Rozina

Haifa Magazine launches «Friends gallery». **** It’s a virtual collection of works of our friends and artists that we know, sculptures, architects – everybody who creates magnificent works of art with their gift, fantasy and inspiration. Not only every each of them has this celestial sparkle inside, they are also …

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Where will «Gurel’s eggs» fly?

«- Damn and blast! What is that? – exclaimed Kingskurt pointing at the carriage flying above the tops of the palm trees, passengers looking out of its windows. Its wheels were not below but on top of it, above the roof. It was hanging in the air and running by …

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Attention! Art is dangerous!

A new exhibition in Haifa Museum of Art will show something which is usually not disclosed, which causes inadequate reaction from the authorities and politicians from the left to the right wingers.    Can modern art be a platform for political protest? Organizers of the exhibition «Dangerous Art» at Haifa …

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Atlas like a coloring book for Vermeer

A new exhibition in the National Maritime Museum in Haifa «Atlases and the Golden Edge of Dutch Cartography» will tell a new generation how the mariners of the past traveled around the world without Google maps or Waze. While paper books are still popular in the Internet era, paper atlases …

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