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The unit of measurement of feelings. Israeli scientists have learned to read minds according to the handwriting.

Are you stressed and depressed? Are you happy and emotions overwhelm you? Write any words on paper. We will find out what happens to you when we see HOW, not WHAT, you have written. Scientists at the University of Haifa learned to identify the inner state of a person by …

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The door to another reality was open in Haifa

Our correspondent has walked into another reality and exited in Balfour street in Haifa. Through the balfour tunnel Not all would agree to go on such a journey but a courageous and committed employee. Inessa Mezhova went through the underground passage transformed by Intel Company to an entertainment and technological …

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Cyber revolution in Israel

The Israel Innovation Authority, the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the National Cyber Directorate launch a dedicated program to strengthen Israel’s cyber industry at a scope of NIS 90 million over the next three years August 14th, 2018, Jerusalem. Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen: “The joint program …

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