Jews and pirates! All aboard!

The Maritime Museum sent us the schedule of tours in Russian.

Haifa museums have launched a new cycle of tours in Russian language in the National Maritime Museum. More tours in a new cycle and more topics for discussion, a new topic every month.

25th November, 2017, Saturday, 11:00 – Ancient Greece and Rome
This tour is devoted to Greek and Roman cultures, which existed in the past and made a contribution to the development of the Mediterranean region. The visitors will learn about different aspects of these ancient cultures, their unique development stages, being representatives of maritime power. Moreover the tour will cover such topics as navigation used for trading and war, sculpture and ceramics, as well as appearance and influence of Greek and Roman mythologies.

23rd December, 2017 Saturday, 11:00 – Maps and atlases
This tour is going to focus on expositions which are interconnected and related to development of geography as a science, to traveling and discovery of different countries. The visitors will see the exposition devoted to the development of atlases in XVII in the Netherlands, exposition of Eretz Israel maps from XVI to XVII, and the exposition of navigation devices. The visitors will also find out about times where maps and atlases were considered pieces of art and reflected culture to which they belonged.

27th January, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 – Jews and the sea
This tour covers the connection of Jewish people with navigation in different periods of history, starting from the ancient times up to the Mandatory Palestine period. During this tour you will see archeological artifacts of jewish navigation existence in the past, models of the ships, and will listen to a story about Jewish pirates of XVI and XVII centuries.

18th February, 2018, 11:00 – The navy fleet
Since ancient times the sea was a battlefield for conflicting cultures and peoples. The Maritime Museum offers to its visitors to travel along the exposition of ancient times navigation and the exposition devoted to pirates. During the tour the visitors are going to explore battleships, battle tactics and weapons used in sea battles throughout the history. The visitors can also admire a new exhibition focused on a unique battering ram found in Atlit, as well as other information on this weapon in archeological findings.

24th March, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 – Jews and navigation
In his famous book Altneuland Binyamin Zeev Herzl a zionistic thinker wrote about Haifa as of the city with a big and active port from where the ships with seven stars emblems started for different cities of the world. To commemorate 70 years from Israel foundation we will visit the exposition «Jewish navigation in the 20th century» and will trace the roots of navigation connected with renovation of the Jewish community in Eretz Israel and the need to import construction materials. The visitors will see models ships of immigrants and traders, ships for passengers and leisure, and will learn their history, the key figures of jewish navigation.

The price of tours is included to the museum entrance ticket price.
** You may find additional information on or call  at 04-8536622.
*** Museums in Haifa leave the right to make changes. Kindly ask to check updates prior to arriving to the museum.

National Maritime Museum

О Елена Шафран

Журналист, специалист по кризисному пиару и коммуникациям. Закончила факультет журналистики МГУ имени Ломоносова. Студенткой начала работать в газете «Известия», спустя 8 лет ушла в документальное кино. Участвовала в нескольких проектах на радио и телевидении. Работала PR-директором холдинга MNG. Руководила отделом коммуникационной группы «Тайный Советник». В Израиле в качестве корреспондента «Новой газеты» побывала во всех «горячих точках» от Сектора Газы и Самарии, до Хеврона и Рамаллы. Работала шеф-редактором русскоязычного 9-го канала израильского телевидения. Автор проекта, издатель и владелец ресурса Carmel Magazine. Владелец галереи и арт-магазина Art Store.

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