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Attention! Art is dangerous!

A new exhibition in Haifa Museum of Art will show something which is usually not disclosed, which causes inadequate reaction from the authorities and politicians from the left to the right wingers. 


Can modern art be a platform for political protest? Organizers of the exhibition «Dangerous Art» at Haifa Museum of Art claim that it not only can be a platform, but has already become a territory where the spirit of defiance and fight-back live. Artists are able not only to see and express, they can also communicate to millions of people what others were afraid of saying. They have already become not only witnesses of terrifying events, but also participants of wars and protests, victims of catastrophes and terroristic attacks.

Nowadays the whole world lives in «the state of emergency». Where in this world of security cameras and censorship is our right for freedom and protest? Where is the revolutionary spirit? When our «NO» is harshly suppressed.
The artists represented at the exhibitions in Haifa long for freedom from political hegemony ideological influence and for disclosure of unjust antagonism and violence.
Whether it is eviction from Amona in Israel, demonstrations in Hevron, street protests in Peru or performances of the naked Femen in Ukraine.

«Artistic activity» is a phenomena of our time. It’s the «baton» taken up from the modernists in the XXth century. They were fighting taboo by radical and innovative means. Bleeding edge art disclosed the ulcers of the «system»: it criticized the government, social institutions, capital distribution, police and control authorities actions.

Nowadays an artist is like a triggerman who is at the heart of it all, who challenges the society, politicians, governors and their dependents. He is in the crowd of demonstrators, in a prison truck, on barricades…
They not only demonstrate the fight of the oppressed, they also create space for activists to fight for the rights of women, refugees, LGBT communities, their rights to protest and self-defense.

At the exhibition the works of leading Israeli and world artists are represented: Ai Weiwei, Tracey Moffatt, Via Muniz, Maria Maria Aha-Kucher, Gilbert & George, Daniel Arzola, Gil Yefman, Hen Shish, Eldad Rafaeli, Ben Hagari, Oren Ziv, Oded Balilty, Nirit Takele, Keren Anavi, Dede and Nitzan Mintz, AME72…

∞ Art Museum address: Shabtai Levi str., Haifa
∞ For additional information about the museum visit hma.org.il or call at 04-9115997
∞ For new repatriates visit to the museum is free during the first year when showing Teudat Ole at the museum cashier.
∞ A special offer up to November, 22nd – entrance to the exhibitions is free of charge for the retired people. You should show your ID at the museum cashier. The offer is also valid for general tours, the entrance to which is performed with the entrance ticket.

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